Enderiian Translator

Minecraftian NPC language

Just a language I made for my book. :D Enjoy! Also this is a work in progress, forgive me if words don't come up. Try not to use words with apostrophes, the system doesn't register that. Thank you!

Also also if you find a word that does not translate put the word in the suggestions box and I will add it. (I made a different one called Enderian Code #1 so no negative comments that is my work I'm not copying someone else.) 🥰-ENM Also Also Also Also this is very new so i am still at it peeps just make a suggestion! and spell out numbers those don't translate :D https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_epguKGI3U7ZT9JgtNtSAN0jKI2kmN8_Vi9bp2q1zI/edit?usp=sharing for Lexi!

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