Elven DAI Translator

Dragon Age Elvehn

An attempt to make a "Google Translate" for Dragon age elvehn. Type a space after an elvehn sentence and it will translate it. If a word is not translated just retype it putting spaces between the apostrophes and it may pick it up Made using the vocabulary from Dragon Age Wiki and project Elvhen on AO3 here and here

For synonyms you will see an = at the end of the elvehn word. remove the equal and you will see all the english words that have that elvehn word translation

For verbs you will see a * after a word, means it is a verb that you may have to conjugate the verb: type words without the * on the elvehn side for the meaning.

Conjugation for ena* (to emerge) :

For past f.e. conjugating dala (kill)

Other conjugation: dara (to go) turns into

Beware of the words (I, in, him, no, then) they are both english and elvehn words, you may have to retype the elvehn side or english side to get the correct translation

A list of most words in the dictionary is at this spreadsheet.

Detailed instructions on how to use this are at tumblr.

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