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Elizabethan Translator

Disclaimer: This is really not very dependable! I tried my best, but there are some problems inherent in a translator of this nature: native speakers aren't so much around today to verify, it's a variant on a modern language instead of an actual separate language (thus, it comes with its own set of complications in terms of dialect, grammar rules -- especially considering the flexibility of English language rules in that era), online translators frequently err due to lack of context, and I am unfortunately not an expert in linguistics. (Plus various other limitations. Sorry!) (This is especially an issue with words ending in "s" -- nouns and pronouns are not distinguished from verbs, so you may get a plural or possessive noun that changes to end in "th" when it's not supposed to. I don't know how to fix this. If anyone has ideas, feel free to suggest them!) Honestly, I mainly made this as an aide to understand Shakespeare's writing a little better.

The translator may be far from perfect, but I do hope it can help you out!

(The reverse translation option is more just for fun!)

Thanks for using :)

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