Early Modern English (faux dialect) Translator

For fiction

Creating this for a story I'm working on. I need a dialect that is both old world feeling, and yet easy and natural to read. I would like to make it as historically accurate as possible, but alas, we are only gifted with so much time, and as far as I understand, this translator only does direct swapping between words, which greatly limits its capabilities. So think of this more as a creative juice stimulator.
Additional Notes:
. . .it is not a matter of irregular spelling, it's a matter of verb conjugation.
First person singular: I bring my sword and a potato salad!
Second person singular: Bringest thou my sword, Dudley?
Third person singular: He bringeth my sword, Dudley.
Where you see -st instead of -est, this is merely a shortened form, a contraction, if you will.

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