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Update: 5/19/23 I'm leaving the old notes from when I first started, but this is the latest. The goal is to make english a phonetic and intuitive written language. Currently going through a list of 10,000 words, converting them all to Eŋliʃ. Below is the list of changes to be done, they are not completed for all words yet.
  1. ck is replaced by just k
  2. sh is replaced by the letter ʃ
  3. ng is replaced by the letter ŋ
  4. th is replaced by the letter þ
  5. Soft c is replaced by s
  6. Hard c is replaced by k
  7. ch will be replaced by it's own letter at some point.
  8. All consonants should be upper case or in a small caps font
  9. Long vowels are upper case, short vowels are lower case
  10. All instances where a letter or set of letters can be replaced by a long vowel they will be.
  11. Double letters will be eliminated wherever possible.
  12. In the same way that I and A are letters and also words, B, C, R, and U are also used as single letter words
  13. Q is replaced by kw wherever feasible
9/9/2020 Spelling has changed since the beginning of english, but became more static after the dictionary was invented. It also became stagnant in my opinion. This updated version is still being worked on, updates will be added as soon as I can make them. Some issues I want to solve with this update is redundant letters. The letter C will be eliminated except for instances in which it is needed for the ch sound as in "chocolate", but is not needed for the ch in "chef", as that is more of a sh sound. If feasible CH and TH should be replaced at some point by their own letters. The letter X will be replaced by either Z or KS depending on the context. The letter G will stop sharing the J sound as in "gentle". The PH digraph will be replaced by F. The sounds shared by Y, IE, and EE will be divided among them instead of shared, but exactly how has not been decided yet. Jimmy could become Jimmee, for example. One of them might end up eliminated also if it is feasible.
More updates to come. Feel free to email me at ZachariD@gmail.com with any notes or critiques you have, I do expect there to be bugs that will need working out. And please enjoy using this translator!

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