Dashes and Scratches (with similar themes once translated/coded)

Hello! This translator takes your text and changes it into symbols that look like they could relatively be in the same language. It is still being updated often, and if you have any suggestions and/or thoughts, be sure to leave some in the suggestions! Thanks -ED22
Note: For some reason, words won't be capitalized once translated back unless they're at the start of a sentence. I've been trying to fix it, and will continue to do so. It might be a bug with the site. However, if anyone does know what it is or how to fix it, please drop the information in the suggestion box, it would really help me! Thank you!
======ALL UPDATES======
Update 1: Added a background, phrases to show up when opening the site, and a font for the title and text
Update 2: Made a few of the letters that looked super similar different (c: ⊧, k: ⊨, which is now c: ⤫ k: ⊨)
Update 3: Added the letter ñ

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