D&D Ignan Translator

An unofficial translator for the elemental language of fire.

In the titular game series Dungeons and Dragons, there exists a wide swath of different languages from across the countries, continents, worlds, races, and planes. In the elemental plane of fire, there is the Ignan language, a percussive language consisting mostly of sharp hisses, clicks, and the like; many liken it to the crackling sound of fire itself...
IF YOU ARE ADDING NEW WORDS, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF HOW LETTERS ARE SWAPPED TO FORM THE LANGUAGE... a=i aa=ii ai=ii b=d c=k cc=ks/ss ch=tsh ck=k d=t dg=tsh e=e ea=ei ee=ee ei=ei -[consonant]e=-[consonant]h f=f g=g gh=g gn=n h=sh i=i ie=ie ii=ii ing=ig io=iha j=ch k=k kn=n l=l m=nn mm=nn mn=nn n=n o=ha oi=hai oo=haa ou=hah p=d ph=f q=ku r=rr rr=rr s=ss sc=sk -se=ss sh=sh t=t -te=t th=tsh u=a ua=ai uo=aah uu=aa v=v w=v wh=v x=x y=ss/ah z=z [silent vowel]=[nothing unless otherwise noted]

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