Croz Language Translator


Follow my Instagram: @ash.croz I currently have about 500- followers and I should have a public account with the "Drug Addiction Treatment Center" label under my profile picture I made this language for fun, mostly for a cool little quest for some of my friends. (I doubt most of them will do so though but you have to at least try now) You'll have to use this website to be able to understand what I'm saying so you'll have to copy my wording and paste it here. IF YOU'RE HERE FROM THE QUEST then you must already know the rules by now, so please have fun! If you finish it correctly, you will receive a link with a "congratulations." What will you receive? A gift? Find out when you've completed it! If you failed and couldn't complete.. Then you will also get a link. But not a "congratulations" but it will still be a link that you will ALSO have to complete. Then you should be finished with EVERYTHING. When you're finished please tell me your score and that will tell me how big of a prize you will get. But the prize won't come that fast.. You'll have to wait a month or maybe even a few. :)

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