Cowboy Talk Translator

This is a little cowboy-talk translator that I build with LingoJam. It's filled with all sorts of cowboy sayings and phrases and in general tries to convert everything your write into some sort of cowboy slang.
I've tried to incorperate the cowboy-style southern accent into this translator too (as well as word for word translations). I took a lot of inspiration from the southern/texas accent so hopefully those accents are similar to the old west accent. I imagine the actual old west accent and slang was a little different to what we hear in movies, so there is some creative license here, but please call me out if I've gone too far with it!
This old west / cowboy dictionary was very helpful in creating this translator, so thank to the creator. It was especially useful for finding the interesting and funny bits of jargon like "bean master" for "chef" and "barking at a knot" for "wasting one's time". And this site has a tonne of info on the southern accent which was very very useful, so thanks to the writer and the people who volunteered their voices for the study.
I find the western slang and the accent really lovely, and especially especially love the jovial and bantering nature of the different slang words and sayings. I'm going to link you to this page again, because it really shows the beauty of the southern-style accents. I probably wouldn't have made this English to cowboy translator if it wasn't for that page.
So I hope you have fun generating some cowboy lingo - please share translations in the comments, and please share ideas for improvements int he comments or in the suggestions form. Thanks!

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