Cosrynlish Translator

Ahe! It’s the easiest to do English to Cosrynlish (numbers explaination under the translator)

Numbers explaination: All numbers start with a capital letter
1 to 20 is in the translator
The counting of tens are “(number)kai” Example, Gepekai is thirty and Haiukai is fifty
Hundreds, is “(number)ke” Example, Gepekaike is thirtyhundrerd, Neteke is sixhundrerd
Thousands, it goes as “(number)netu” Example, Etkai-etnetu is eleven thousand, Gerunetu is nine thousand
Longer numbers, you will have to use the — between the numbers Example, “Vapunetu-batuke-gepekai-et” is “seven thousand-fourhundred-thirty-one”
Millions, “(number) raku” the additional words for this goes after the number that goes in the million with a space inbetween Example, “Etkai raku” is ten million,
Ranks, you type it as “(number)er” Example, “neter” is sixth, “Etkaier raku” is ten millionth
“Nete raku-haiuke-nukokai-gepeker” is six million fivehundred twentythird

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