Common to Dwarvish Translator

By UserMcUserface

THE DWARVISH LANGUAGE FOR MY D&D CAMPAIGN. WORDS TRANSLATED: a ability ablaze able aboleth about above across action add afraid after afterward afterwards again against agree agreement ah air alcohol ale all allow allows almost alone along already also always am among an ancestor ancestors and anger ankle annoy annoying another answer ant ants any anybody anything are arm armor arms arms arrow as ash ask ass at aunt autumn avalanche away awful axe baby back bad bandit bandits barbarian bard bark bastard bastards bat battle battleaxe be bear beard beast beasts beautiful became because become bed beds been beer before began begin begun behind behir beholder being believe benevolence benevolent best better betters between beyond beyonds big bird birds bit bite black blade blades bleed blood blue boar boars body bolt bonfire boots bore both bow bow boy brat brave brew bring bronze brother brought brown bruise bubble building bullete business but by call came campaign can candy cannibalism cannot captain care case castle cat cat cave certain chain chains chair change chaos chapter character cheap cheese child children city clan clash cleric close cloth clothes cloud club cold color combat come common company contest continue conversation corpse could country course coward creation creature creatures crime criminal cross crossbow crusade cry cup cups cut cuts cyclops dagger dagger daggers damnation dark darkness daughter daughters day days dead deal dear death deaths deep deer deers defense demon demonkind design destroy diamond did die different dinner dirt do doctor does dog don't done doom door doubt doubts down dragon dragonborn dress drow drown drug drugs druid drunk duel duergar dull dumb dungeon dungeons dwarf dwarven dwarves dwarvish each eagle eagles ear earing early ears earth east eat edge eel eels effect egg eight either elf else empty end enough enter even evening ever every everything evil except expensive eye eyes face fact fair fall falls family far fat fate father fear feel feelings feet fell fellow felsite female few fiend fight fighter fights find fine finger fingers fire first fish five flail flesh flirt flirting flood flop folk foot for forest forests fork forks formorian forsook fort fortress fortresser forward found four fox foxes fray freeze friend friends from frost frozen fruit fruits fuck full gauntlet gay general generals gentleman get giant giantkind girl give glad glaive glass glove gnome go goblet goblin god goddess gods going gold goliath gone good gopher gophers got granite grant grants gray grease greasy great greatclub greatsword green ground group gulp gut had hair hairy half halfling hall hammer hand hands handsome happen happy hard harpy has hat hate have hazel he head heads hear heard heart hearth heathen heaven hedgehog hedgehogs hell hello helmet help hematite her here hero herself high him himself his history hold holds hole holiday home honey honor honors hope horn horns horse hour hours house how human hump hundred hurt husband i idea if ill illithid im important in inch indeed insane instead interest into iron is it its itself jump just keep kill killer kind king kingdom kings know kuo-toa lady lamprey land lands large last late launch lay lay lazer lazy lead leaf least leave leave leaves leech leeches left leg legend legendary legs less let lets letter life light like likely limbs limestone little live living lizard lizard lizards long longsword look lord lost love low lowest luck mace machine made mage mail make malachite male man mangle manner many map married marry mask master masters mate matter maul may me mead mean means meant meat meet melee melt men mercy met metal mid might mighty milk mind mine minute minutes miss missus mister mistress mistresses mithrel mole moles moment money monster monsters moon moonstone moose more morning morningstar most mother mountain mouth mouths much mud mug murder mushroom mushrooms must my myconid myself name nature near neck need neither net never new next night nine no nobody none nor north not nothing now number number o' obsidian of off often ogre oh old on once one only opal open opinion oppose or orange orc order orichalcum other others ought our out over own owner paladin pants part partner pass past patron peace peak pebble peek people perhaps person pink pit place plate plates platter please pleasure point poop poor possible pot power pray present presents pretty pride prince princess problem public purple purpose put quarter quarterstaff queen question quiet quite raccoon racoons rag rage rags ranger rare rat rather read ready really realm reason red religion remember rest retard return revenge ride right river road roads rock rocks rode rogue rok room rose rot round ruin run rust sad said same sand sand sandstone say says scare scared scrawny scream screams sea second see seed seeds seem self sense set settlement seven several sex shadow shake shaking shall shame she shell shells shirt shit shoes short show side sight silence silent silver sin since sing single sink sins sir sister sit six skill skinny skirmish sky slap slate sleep slug slugs small smash smelly smile smith smoke smoking snail snails snake snakes snatch sneak sniff snow so socks soil some something sometime sometimes son song sons soon sorcerer sorry sort soul souls sound south spat speak spear spell spider spike spiral spit spoon spork spring stair stairs stand stay steel stenstim step stepped still stink stone stood strange strength strike strikes strong struggle stupid such summer sun suppose sure surprise survive swamp sweater sword table take taken talk tankard tavern tears tell ten than thanks that the their them then there these they thick thicker thief thing things think this this those though thought thoughts three throat throne through thus tiefling timber time times tit to toe toes together toilet told tongue too took tooth torso toward towards tower town tragedies tragedy tree troglodyte troll trouble troubles true truth truths try turn two uncle undead under understand underwear until up upon us us use usual vale valor valors vampire vegetable vegetables vengeance venom very village violence voice voices walk wall want war warhammer warpick warrior was water way we weak weakling weapon weasel weasels week well went were werewolf west what whatever when where whether which while whip whistle whistling white who whole whom whore whose why wife will window wine winter wish with within without wizard wolf wolves woman women wonder wood word words work world world worm worse worst would wound wrong yank year years yellow yep yes yet you young your zero TOTAL # OF WORDS TRANSLATED: 1075 (+) Note: there are more words added than listed above -- there is a limit to which I can list in the description alone. Anket tho rir joth vez! -- UserMcUserface

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