Chozo (Metroid) Translator

The Chozo Language as used in Metroid Dread.

"Chozo is the language spoken and written by the bird-like race of the same name in the Metroid™ series of video games by Nintendo. Its writing can be found in various forms across the planets previously inhabited by the Chozo, including Zebes (Metroid Zero Mission) and SR388 (Metroid Samus Returns), as well as on Samus’ Gunship (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes). However, it does not hold any real meaning in these instances and is purely decorative. The Chozo language was given an alphabet and was used to transcribe English words in Metroid Other M, and later, more impressively, it was fleshed out into a full, coherent language used across Planet ZDR in Metroid Dread" (Chozo Cipher Club).
Works Cited: Chozo Cipher Club. Chozo Language Course. 2022.

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