Chinese chemical code translater

碳氢碘氮氦-2硫氦-2 碳氢氦-2锰-1碘碳锕-1镧-1 碳氧氘氦-2 氚溴-2锕-1氮硫镧-1锕-1氚氦-2溴-2

Chemical secret language is composed of chinese characters and labels which match the chemical symbol of an element. For example, the chinese of the metal Lanthanum (symbol:La) is 镧,so "La" should be translated to "镧", no marked capital letter difference when translated! However, many groups of letters don't match any symbol. So we need labels. The label "-1"means take the first letter of the symbol. For example, "La" is "镧",so "L" is "镧-1"。Also "-2" means take the second letter. "La" is "镧",so "a" can be "镧-2". and so on.

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