Celonian (Celle-Panonican Romance) Translator

Based on Catalan

Celonian, also known as Celle-Panonican Romance is a conlang based off of Catalan.
I combined the names of Moselle Romance and Pannonian Romance (both extinct romance languages) along with the original name, Caspanian, to make the language name.
á = ah sound (as in “mat”)
é = ey sound
í = ee sound
ó = rounded a sound
ú = ooh sound
ü = ooh sound (used to pronounciate the “u” when it otherwise would not be; i.e. "quin" is "what; which", and sounds like "keen", but "qüin", for instance, sounds like "queen") -- this letter is rarely used
x = sh sound
c’ = s sound
h = these are often silent (i.e. "íha" or "there's; there is" sounds like "ya", "oblihor; oblidaho" or "forget it" sounds like "aw-blee-or; aw-bleed-ow")
¡ = used before a sentence that ends with an exclamation point (i.e. "¡Es perfecta!" or "It's perfect!"), optional
¿ = used before a sentence that ends with a question mark (i.e. "¿Qui es (allo/que)?" or "Who is it?"), optional
This language is mainly spoken in SOV structure (i.e. "I will help you" would be "I will you help", which translates to "Vai tu axudar").
This language doesn't always use articles (a, an, and the), but they are still needed to make phrases work, so please still use them!
Adjectives are used after the word they are describing (i.e. "huge leap" would be "sáltar gran").
If you think the language needs a better name or it doesn't fit well, you can suggest one (please include your username) and I will credit the person with the one I like the most!
If you have any questions, let me know! Also, if my name was Caspanian, it would be Rachéletta Lá-Dell Valle Pensábé (or Rachél Di Pensábé).

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