Caspanian It also allows reverse translation (sometimes)

Based on Spanish/Catalan/Castilian Spanish

Yet another language, but based on Spanish! I used to learn Spanish, but my Duolingo account broke back in 2018, 2019~ and I haven't been learning it since. Caspanian is a decent name for this language, but I feel it could be better. If you could think of a better one, please leave it in the suggestions box, and I'll credit you in this description!

You probably already know Spanish accents, so I won't put them here, but I've added a few of my own:

ér= air sound (typically at the end of a word)

ou (the "u" goes after an "o". It makes the "oh" sound. It doesn't always have to be used).

où= ow sound

è= ey sound (typically used at the end of a word)

ş= sh sound

ç= s sound

í= ih sound

ì= eye sound

g̃= gi (like the "g" in "growl" + the "ee") sound

r̃= ri (trilled "r" + the "ee") sound

I'd like to point out that some phrases work the same way when swapped (i.e. "I should" is "Daber̃a", and "should I" is also "Daber̃a")

Double "L" (Ll/ll) makes the "ee" sound unless at the end of a word (or when the word is added to a suffix)

The word "of" is "d-", and goes before the word that goes before/after it. It sound as though it's part of the word when there's a vowel after it (i.e. "of the" is "d-oul", but "bagful of" is "d-bousigiáta")

The suffix "less" is "son", which goes before a word, divided by a space (i.e. "friend" is "émágo", but "friendless" is "son émágo").

The suffix "ian" is "so' and goes after the word it modifies.

The suffix "an", is "ano" and it goes after the word it modifies (just remember to use the rule below!).

With suffixes, you take off the ending of the word and add the suffix to it (i.e. "help" is "áora", but "helpful" is "áoriáta").

If you have any questions, let me know!

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