Caspanian Translator

Based on French (Canadian)

Caspanian is a decent name for this language, but I feel it could be better. If you could think of a better one, please leave it in the suggestions box, and - if I use it - I'll credit you in this description! The language has been wiped clean and I'm redoing it. I'm going to base it off of Canadian French.

Stresses (so far):

à = ah sound (as in "car")

â = ah sound (as in "cat")

è = eh sound

é = ey sound

ï = ee sound

î = ih sound

œ = uh sound (as in "professeur")

ô = oh sound

û = ooh sound

ç = s sound (as in "city")

This language is mainly spoken in SOV structure (i.e. "I will help you" would be "I will you help").

If you have any questions, let me know! Also, if my name was Caspanian, it would be Bella Claire Despois.

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