Bjokhazul Dictionary Translator



This language is a work in progress! As of right now, there is no expected completion date. This disclaimer will be updated when Sycaedus gets closer to completion.


This is only meant to be a dictionary for the language! So, it is not recommended that you input sentences into this as they will, most likely, be incorrect. This is because either LingoJam or I don’t have the ability to code this to conjugate verbs correctly or add the modifiers to words when they are modified. Let me know if there is a way. For now though, this is how it shall remain.

USAGE: To look up anything other than verbs, just type the word. For instance, to find the translation for book, simply type ‘book’. To look up verbs, type the infinitive of that verb. For instance, to type the verb ‘look’ (As in, “they look around”), type ‘to look’.

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