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UPDATE: New words from suggestions added to the translator.

UPDATE: Yes, I do read any suggestions that come through, so thank you for those. I've had a couple of suggestions (unknown if from same or multiple people) that it would be nice if you could type in the bimbo section and it appears as normal in the English section. Unfortunately the way this site works means that is not possible, and a whole new translator would instead need to be built from scratch. I personally love the idea of speech being corrupted from normal into bimbo hence I wrote this translator that currently has over 500 rules to follow, hence most words you write will change. Some rules are common, for instance leaving of the g at the end of any word ending in ing, some are very niche (what are the chances you're talking about Taylor Swift or politics, but I like to have as many instances of bimbo speech covered as possible!) and some are plain old easter eggs. This really took a lot as I still change things if a word looks like something a silly chav bimbo wouldn't use (after two months I only just noticed that 'brilliant' still came across as a normal word so tweaked it, way too long and hard for a bimbo, only long and hard things they like are cock!) but as it's something i love the thought off I don't mind. But the idea of bimbo to normal doesn't hold much interest for me. So unless there is a huge demand for it I probably won't be writing that translator. But thank you for writing your suggestions, and please keep any coming, I really do read them! PS, yes, I didn't mean for moment to appear as it does and I tried to fix it but then it's bimbo spelling grew on me. It would be a hard word for an airhead to spell :P

This is a somewhat extreme translator that will make you sound like a teenage girl. If you would like an example there is a before and after at the bottom of this message!

As you will see, it involves a lot of text speak, valley girl language, spelling mistakes and the wrong use of words etc. It's still a work in progress as some rules clash so please let me know and I will try and fix it.

But for now feel free to use, no one will ever take you seriously if you use the converted text.So if you want to sound like a braindead bimbo, convert your text and use the new one for when ever you need to type and you should be treated like a school girl straight away!

Have fun and feel free to message with issues!



Hello everyone.

I need your help. I really like this girl at work but I don't know what to say to her? Shes smart, funny and really sexy, basically hot as fuck, but she likes this other man and I don't know what to do about it! Fuck you man! He's so stupid and boring. anyone got any ideas about what i could or should do?

I think I'm in love with her, but all my friends say I'm just being jealous. I don't know anymore. I don't want him to be my enemy i just want him to fuck off. I know that's not cool but i totally don't care. Dumb ugly bastard.

Oh and by the way Kate, I meant to say earlier before i went home that I totally liked your shoes the other day, they were really nice. Sorry for that random bit there people :)

Anyway, thanks for all your help, Regards Tommy


Hey evry1.

i need ur help. I totes got a major crush on dat chick at work but i dunno wat 2 say 2 her??? shes not dum-dum, funny n super sexxy, basically hawt as fuk, but she lieks dat other stud n i dunno wat 2 do about it like OMG!! I totally really like hate you stud like OMG!! he's sooo stoopid n borin. ny1 got any ideas about wat i kould or shoud do???

i fink im in luv wiv her, but all my bff's say im just bein well jel. I dunno nymore. I dont want him 2 b my frenemy i just want him 2 fuk of. I no that's not kewl but i totes dont kare. silly fugly dork

o n by like the way k8, i meant 2 say earlier b4 i went hum that i totes liked ur shoes like the other day, they were to die for. Soz 4 that random bit there ppl :) :P :D

nyway, thnx 4 all ur help, Mwah xoxo tommy

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