Biloshese Translator

Biloshese is the language for my micronation Biloshiü
In Biloshese Ë is pronounced like È and Ÿ is pronounced like É
V̊ is a letter that shortens the vowel before it
Ṗ ṗ in Biloshese is pronounced like /ph/ or /f/ and Ḃ ḃ is pronounced like a B and Z sound fused together
C is pronounced like ch in Biloshese and Ẋ is pronounced like sh
The qu /kw/ sound doesn't exist Biloshese and it's pronounced like /kü/ (even though most of the time Q is by itself)
also there are no silent letters
in English when a word starts with an X it's pronounced like Z but in Biloshese if an X is the first letter of a word it still makes the /ks/ sound

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