Besza Riztan (WIP) Translator

Based on Dutch, Greek, and Hungarian

Besza Riztan is based on a mix of Dutch, Greek, and Hungarian. The name comes from "rizélda bészort", meaning "rarely spoken"; as you can well imagine, Besza Riztans are few in number (about only 27,000 remain after fighting in a brutal war for about 30 years. There were once about as many as the population of England), which is why their language name means this.
This conlang used an SOV sentence structure, and articles don't exist.
Any word that modifies the word before it goes after the word (i.e. "pretty girl" would be "girl pretty").
Most words have "ni" inserted somewhere in them when paired with the word "to".
Besza Riztan names tend to be very odd sounding. They tend to use more modern names (i.e. "Linda, Susie, Mario, etc.), but older and more traditional names are still used as well, and most people have another traditional first name to go with it.
á = ah sound (as in “awesome”)
ä = ah sound (as in “sandwich”; often goes before r, j, or i in the beginning or middle of words)
é = eh sound
ë = ey sound
ï = ih sound
ó = aw sound (as in “cop”)
ú = ooh sound (as in “too”)
ü; ö = ooh sound (as in “wood”)
sz = zh sound
ś = sh sound
ć = ch sound
R at the end of words is silent.
gy = ee sound (only after any vowel other than "i"); gee sound (after an "i"; G as in "gum")
If my name was Besza Riztan, it would be Brejïki Weijkgyél Vé Chéte.

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