Benoese Translator

A Gibberish Translator That a Kid is Making

This was made by a kid so I hope you like this!
Just so you know, this translator still needs to be finished. I will try to update it until I don't know any more words that I haven't used. The current version is 1.13.2.
I want this site's translator to actually be useful so I'll let you explore the 1308 translation rules yourself.
Suggestions: "get gud" Explain yourself. "Make all words Benoese nowwwwwwwwwwwww" 1. Please don't be impatient, I am working on it, and 2. you don't need that many w's. "I am a kid too." That is cool! I like to see other people who are young here. "This is good. I also have a conlang"; I can't wait to see this translator! I'm sure it will be amazing.
Updates since I started listing what was in them:
1.12: Number Update! Added the ability to make pretty much any number with a few exceptions as well as a couple of other words that come with every update. 1.12.1: Added the bigger numbers like googol and quadrillion. Also added a bunch of random words. 1.12.2: Added more default translation text, more random words, and got rid of duplicate words put into the translator.
1.13: Colors and Gems Update! Added Colors, Gems, and some Metals! There are a couple of other words added that go along with every update, and the next thing I am adding is the months of the year, so be on the lookout for the next update! 1.13.1: A system for making words plural has been added! Now every word that has a plural form can be changed slightly to follow Benoese grammar rules! 1.13.2: Just a bunch of random words added, not much else. Also, for some reason the plural language rules I made don't work so I will try to fix them.

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