Befos Translator

Befos of Nihari

This translator is used to help you be able translate the Befos private writing. If you are MatPat, then keep refreshing eventually you'll find the lines of a unknown story. Also with many phrases are close because hello there is also molo apho but molo apho is formal and used for almost anything while "hello there" is usually only used to like boring or first meet or even questioned. Try translating "group of..." Note to others, most th words are not complete, don't trust ones with thorn aka Þþ, but a lot with edh/eth aka Ðð you can. -ed is replaced with Malayalam letter ga or เด— because it is close to the actual Befos ed letter. I found a suggestion that suggested to make it understandable but sorry that can not happen because the Befos had their language way long ago and is the dawning language of many of the languages of Nihari. Follow me on twitter:

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