Backwards Text Generator (!sdrawkcab)

This translator generates normal text to "backwards text" - that is, text that has a reversed order (flipped horisontally).
Since the unicode standard allows multiple characters to be joined together, the following simple JavaScript will not work for text that has special diacritic characters (e.g. zalgo text) or other special unicode characters:
> string.split('').reverse().join('');
When reversed, the combination characters get moved into the opposite order and become meaningless. That's why the esrever JavaScript library by @mathiasbynens had to be used. So it's simply an online tool to help you instantly reverse the letters in your sentences.
If you find this converter useful you might like to mirror text, or turn text upside down.
As well as generating reversed text, you can also decode reversed text by pasting it in the right-hand box. The deciphered text will appear in the left box.
Feel free to paste your reverse text in the comments below for others to decipher :) If there's any way I can improve this translator please send a suggestion via the suggestion form. Thanks!

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