Aztec translator (nauatl)

By Nopaltsin

1- This is not a professional program at all, it pretty much just replaces each word with its nauatl counterpart.

2- Nauatl has various ways to be written, like the classical Spanish transcription (Náhuatl), or the phonetic transcription (na'uɑtɬ). The minimalist orthography on this site is similar to the modern orthography used nowadays in Mexico and you're going to have to adopt it in order to do a reverse translation.

3- The art used as background isn't mine, it's a screenshot from the show 'Victor and Valentino' from Cartoon Network.

4- The 'x' is pronounced like 'sh' and the 'tl' is like in 'Atlantic'.

5- Don't be surprised if a word doesn't get translated, I'm typing each word manually and there are a lot of words in english. You can use the "suggestions" box if you really want a word or sentence to be here and come back later when I've added it. It's completely anonymous.

6- Don't trust the verbs. Because this site is english-based it doesn't allow any kind of conjugation. They should look more like this:

English Nauatl
I sleep Nikochi
You sleep Tikochi
He/She sleeps Kochi
We sleep Tikochih
Y'all sleep Ankochih
They sleep Kochih
Past tense O- Future tense -S
I slept Onikoch I will sleep Nikochis
You slept Otikoch You will sleep Tikochis
He slept Okoch He will sleep Kochis
We slept Otikochkeh We will sleep Tikochiskeh
Y'all slept Oankochkeh Y'all will sleep Ankochiskeh
They slept Okochkeh They will sleep Kochiskeh

7- What good is a translator if there's nothing to use it on? Immerse yourself in the language by visiting

8- There's a common misconception that nauatl is one of those old languages that nobody speaks anymore and will probably die off like latin. The truth is that nauatl is, after spanish, THE most spoken language in Mexico to this day. It was the lingua franca of the prehispanic world and still holds influence in worldwide culture.

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