Azbeckian (Traditional) Translator

See description for important stuff

Notes: please spell numbers out. E.g "one Hundred and one" please use apostrophes in contractions. E.g "say don't instead of dont" Demonyms haven't been added yet, so instead of saying "I am french" say "I am a person from France." And language names haven't been added, instead of saying "I understand french" say "I understand the language of the france race" Ľ is a very important letter, it is pronounced "le" in masculine azbeckian, "la" in feminine, and "lige" for plural words including it, don't pronounce any vowels after the letter, apart from "o" or "å," Å is a semi-used letter, it is pronounced "o" for both masculine and feminine, but pronounced "e" for plural words with it in them,

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