Aussie Slang Translator Prototype

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It Translates Aussie Slang Into English. The Words You Can Translate Are:

Chuck a left, Chuck a right, Sick, Aussie, A cold one, Arvo, Chuck a lefty, Chuck a leftie, Chuck a righty, Chuck a rightie, Booze bus, Drongo, Mate, Ripper, Defo, Brolley, Copper, Dunny, G'day, Good on ya, Macca's, Maccas, Toastie, Sanga, Give it a crack, Barbie, Mates, Howdy, This will never show up, Struth, Straya, Crikey

You Can Copy These Words Or Manually Type Them. Delete The Commas Though. You Can Enter These Words Without The Capitals Too.

Please Note this Is A Prototype.

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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