Askura language to English Translator Når dakota śjaimr!

Askura itos ingelesi ualcuta

The Vosen Languages are a set of related conlangs that I have been creating for the past 2 years, starting from the base language of Proto-Vosenic and working my way to Askuora; which is the newest one and by far the best developed. The language characteristics are based on my studies of differing linguistic concepts from all sorts of vastly differing and unique languages from German to Estonian; Basque to Lakota; Breton to Napali. Just to name a few vastly unique languages with characteristics present on both grammar and vocabulary. The End goal of this linguistic endeavor is to create a language that is efficient and simple to learn from the perspective of the most popular languages. All rights for the creation of this language and translator of such goes to Elijah Thomas Graves(Me). Have A Nice Day :)

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