Arsatena to English Translator

Arsatena literally translates as Ancient Language, the language of elves and magic.

Arsatena is the language that is used most commonly by the Elven race in Terapersü. Elves use it exclusively when speaking to each other, but they are capable of speaking all the languages of Terapersü. It is the oldest language, tied to the very essence of nature. The words of this ancient language are extremely powerful and must be spoken (or thought) in order to use magic.

One important grammar issue that cannot be addressed using the translator is possessives. The suffixes 's and s' become the prefix le' for words starting with consonants and l' for words starting with vowels. Examples: abuser's (dröcielda) becomes le'dröcielda achiever's (etünelda) becomes l'etünelda actor's (atiönelda) becomes l'atiönelda john's becomes le'john

Most words that have two meanings in English have the same two meanings in Arsatena, simply to make translation with this software work. For example, in english, the word 'can' can mean 'able to', 'object that holds something,' and also the verb to 'preserve food,' all of these meanings are the same in Arsatena simply because definitions of words cannot be taken into account when using this translator. There is one important exception: calf (leg) and calf (baby animal) are different. Calf (baby animal) will simply use the word for baby (vale) and calf (leg) is what will be translated when inputted in this software.

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