Aquan Translator for my Campaign

Just my version of aquan, this language is pronounced with as little lip and tongue movements as possible, and when you do move your tongue it smoothly flows from one position to another.
This is still a WIP, please be patient!
some homonyms are different in Aquan (Ex. Play (Playing games) and Play (Playing instruments) have different spellings). To get better translations, put the version of the verb you want to translate as parentheses at the end of the word (ex. Plot(land) and Plot(story)).
Language rules Accusative forms of pronouns (Ex. Her/His/Them) are the same as their singular forms, but end with -Hh’Us’Inn
All verbs end in ‘Kh, if there is an S at the end of the word in common (ex. Write and writes) there will not be an ‘Inn at the end of the word in Aquan.
When two letters are repeated (ex. Oo in pool/bb in dribble) place a hyphen in between them instead of an apostrophe.
All adjectives come after nouns
Present tense- (is - writing from write/swimming from swim) -No change from base verb (write stays as write, do stays as do)
Future tense- (Will - will write from write/will swim from swim)
Past tense- (Has - wrote from write/swam from swim) -Verbs end with -Hh’Us’Inn (ex. Play(instrument) becomes played - Hu’El’Eshh-Eshh’Ul’Ie-Hh’Us’Inn) This replaces the ‘Kh.

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