Aogwean (Sha Aogweh) Translator

Based on Myanmar (Burmese)

Aogwean uses an OSV sentence structure. For example, "How are you doing?" would be "You are how doing?" and translates to "Minga lulolamale lochi?"
Aogwean often uses combined words or phrases to make a single word (i.e. "finger" is "nakai nanoh", meaning "hand arm"; "eye" is "tibah pohankua", meaning "see through/of glass", basically meaning it's something you look through).
Sometimes these words can be very descriptive or metaphorical (such as "eye") and can sometimes have more than one meaning depending on how the word is used, like the word "friend": it can be said, "benyeji" (simply meaning "friend"), "boka senamu" (meaning "kind person"), "chusuvareh nimateh" (meaning "welcome one"). You get the point by now. I will only give a maximum of two separate translations to cut down on cluttering the translator.
Aogwean names can have up to 5 words! Each word has a meaning, and can either be a word from the language itself, or an actual name.
If my name was Aogwean, it would be Lai Bambwoi Hema Mwiadi (LIT: "a pretty flower in the summer; summer flower").

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