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This vocabulary list is vastly incomplete. If there's a word that's hard to pronounce or missing, feel free to make a word for it and send it to me using the suggestions box (or at least please let me know). I work on this translator project daily, so your suggestions will be read in 48 hours (probably less).

Canon and non-cannon vocabulary. I have all the canon(?) vocabulary and phrases in Wookiepedia, borrowed some vocabulary from other translators and made all of the other vocabulary myself. I tried my best to improve the grammar, but due to LingoJam not being the best at grammar, and the lack of resources, this is more like a dictionary.

Reading Guide:

't' sounds like t in tick.

'd' sounds like d in dash.

'k' sounds like k in kiss.

The 'q' sound has no equivalents in English. It sounds similar to c in coin.

'm' sounds like m in him.

'n' sounds like n in nice.

's' sounds like s in sand.

'z' sounds like z in zoo.

'h' sounds like h in high.

'ch' sounds like ch in church.

'j' sounds like y in you.

'sh' sounds like sh in sheep.

'r' can be trilled, flapped, or pronounced like the English r in red.

'l' is a dark l sound in pole

'w' sounds like w in weep.

The 'y' sound is a clear l sound in 'lip'.,_alveolar_and_postalveolar_lateral_approximants

'i' sounds like ee in free.

'â' sounds like a in cat.

'u' sounds like u in suit.

'û' sounds like uh in bruh.

'o' sounds similar to aw in yawn.

'a' sounds like a in bra.

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