Ancient Chikan Translator

(Once spoken by the tribe of Chika)

Ancient Chikan is obviously not real; it's my conlang. Basically, it's used with English words but backwards and spelled slightly differently. I hope you like it!

Glottal stop (ʔ) is represented by the apostrophe.

When using suffixes (i.e. 'd, 'll, 'm, etc.), please put them in front of the word you're typing with said suffix, divided by a space.

When typing words, please use the OVS sentence structure (for example, instead of "I eat bread", type "bread eat I"). that way, the translation will be correct.

Similar letters that are next to each other are separated by an apostrophe (vowels next to vowels or same letters next to each other), but this is not always the case.

Stresses (so far):

á - ah sound (ɒ)

ae - ay sound (ɛɪ)

é - ey sound (ɛɪ)

ee - ee sound (iː)

í - eye sound (iː)

ih - ih sound (ɪ)

ó - aw sound (ɒ)

oh - oh sound (oʊ)

uh - uh sound (ə/ʌ)

ú - yoo sound (juː)

The written version uses the Arabic script (this is the latin version). Just to give extra clarification, here is the alphabet (the script may not be 100% accurate, so I apologize if it isn't):

a - آ/á - آه/ae - أي

b - ب

c - تش

d - د

e - إي/é - إه/ee - إ

f - ف

g - غ

h - ه

i - إي/í - أي/ih - إيه

j - ج

k - ك

l - ل

m - م

n - ن

o - أو/ó - أ/oh - هأو

p - بب

q - س

r - ر

s - سس

t - ت

u - و/ú - وأو/uh - هو

v - فف

w - ي

x - ز

y - إيإي

z - زي

sh - هسس

ch - هتش

th - هت

Alternatively, you can use the script I have created for the language here ( by either using it on paper or creating a font with it (if you do create a font for it, please send me the downloadable link so I can add it to the translator).

Also, if my name was Chikan, it would be Eelaeka Kihv-Lohkin Lewowh.

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