Amunish Translator

translates english to amunish

Amunish is a fictional language (made by me) where you shift the letters 1 space on the keyboard. Both vowels and consonants are different, so you will translate them separately. On your keyboard, select a consonant. Look at the one to the right of it. If its a consonant, you've translated your first letter. If its a vowel, go to the next space. Check again. Keep doing this until you reach your consonant. Do the same for vowels. Go to the one to the right of it and check if its a vowel. If it is, keep it and go to the next letter in the phrase/word you were translating. If it's a consonant, go to the next one until it is a vowel. And if you translating something O, A, P, L, or M, go to the next line. Do not include any non-letters while translating. They will stay the same.

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