Amanekrowbacenli Trophyne Translator

English to Middle Estarkräghian (Standard Northeastern Dialect)

The Estarkräghian accent sounds Russian, and almost every word is really long. The general rule is that for every word in English, the translation will have at least 4 or more syllables attached.

The words in the language are influenced by Spanish and Macedonian, but occasionally has parts of Indonesian.

It is important thing is that Estarkräghian's sentence structure is similar to Japanese, and so to get the correct translation you will be required to switch the place of some words. Also, words such as "the" "a" or "an" can be omitted, so that's why reverse translations may look odd, but you can still make out the translation by rearranging the words and using simple logic. Furthermore, as well as words being either feminine, masculine or neuter and either animate-person, animate-non-person, or inanimate, affixes change slightly depending on the gender of the speaker too when added to a root word; the dictionary form uses the most common female affix declension or conjugation, but in some rare cases, both gender forms are provided in case specification is deemed necessary for better clarification due to a word not completely conforming to the general rule - these will be marked with [male-1], [male-2], [female-1], etc. after the word, respectively (that's the problem with having choices).

I'm still working on things and Estarkräghian is particularly difficult, so I can't make everything perfect on this translator, yet if you would like, below is a link to Google Drive with all the written learning resources that will make you much more fluent.

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