Aldir Translator

Aldir is the fictional language spoken by the people of Aldiron in the Sinters Clan Series (yet to be released). This translator is maintained by the author of the series and will continue to be updated as the language is developed. Something not easily defined in simple text translators is the difference between the present participle 's' and the plural 's' for words. To clear confusion, a plural of a word in Aldir will end in 'i', whereas the present participle form of a word in Aldir will end in 'án'. For example, the word 'Attacks'. For the present participle form (as in: he attacks them), it would be 'Atakán', whereas for the plural form (as in: many attacks), it would be 'Ataki'. Where this occurs I have generally gone with the present participle form when translating. Note that this is currently only useful for direct translation of words as the structuring of sentences in Aldir is not yet fully developed.

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