Al Bhed Translator (English ↔ Al Bhed) (With Phonetics & Font)

All credits for this online translator go to Stefan Gagne! I just "ported" his translator to LingoJam with permission.
The Al Bhed are a tribal group of technologists in Final Fantasy x and Final Fantasy X-2.
An Al Bhed salvage crew.
The Al Bhed language is not at all hard to translate as soon as you know what's going on. It's simply a subsitution cipher; a letter for letter swap. For each letter in the English alphabet, there is a corresponding letter in Al Bhed that it is translated to. Below are the alphabet charts for English and Japanese (click to enlarge):
Al Bhed language chart
This translator only converts English to Al Bhed and Al Bhed to English. The Japanese translation is not done by this website. The Al Bhed alphabet is as follows:
Al Bhed characters
You can use this translator to translate into the actual Al Bhed writing as shown above - just click "Toggle Al Bhed Font" button.
Thanks to Stefan Gagne, this Al Bhed translator also generates the phonetics (pronunciation) of the Al Bhed language too!

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