Aklo (Pathfinder RPG translator)


I am making this for the pathfinder language Aklo. I couldn't find much into this, so it is all made from my head.

This is still a work in progress, because of that. There are the rules to this translator to help you along. 1) Exclamation, Noun, Determiner, Verb, Conjuntion, Adjective, preposition, adverb, pronoun. This is the order in which to set up your sentences, but there are more to this, this section is just the base. A) When writing remember I before you, B) Always writing in this order Future, Past, Present C) Auxiliary Verbs are after the common verb D) With object verbs are after without object verbs. Follow these step to get a proper translation on Aklo. When I learn to work the ordering section I will tae these rules off in order for you to better use the translator without much thought.

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