Aesthetic Text Generator


This tool converts normal text to aesthetic text. Just put your normal text in the first box and the aesthetic text will appear in the other one.

Note that this is just a mirror of my Vaporwave Text Generator - same thing, different name, only to make it easier for people to find (people often call it by different names).

The Unicode standard contains more than 100,000 symbols (including the ones on your keyboard, and many, many more), and amongst these is a "wider" version of the normal Latin script. That's what this translator generates. It's simply got a list of normal charcters mapped to wider characters and it just switches out any normal letters that you enter with wider versions.

It also converts numbers and some symbols too (i.e. not just alphabet characters) to the aesthetic/vaporwave font. I call it a font, but it's not really a font - it's just different symbols. That's why you can copy and paste it into YouTube video titles, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. etc.

I hope this is useful to you, let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to add to this or if there's any ways I can improve it. Cheers :)


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