Aar'mashi: Fantasy Language Translator

The language of the Froglins.

This language was made for a fantastical race of humanoid amphibious creatures called Froglins. Feel free to use this as much as you like and give feedback because why not?

Some of the letters (shown as uppercase & lowercase) have pronunciations you might not know about so here they are:

Ææ = ae Ʃʃ = sh Ʌʌ = uh Ʒʒ = ezh/zh Γγ = gh Ʊʊ = oo Θθ = th Ŋŋ = ng Яя = Ya/Ja
This is probably a really really hard language to pronounce if you've never seen these characters before. Who cares though because it's made for imaginary frog people LOL.

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