AGT44 Translator


Every name or word is a Symbol that represents a specific type of energy that represents higher beings in the Universe Like Zodiac Signs.

Universes, Galaxy clusters, Galaxies, Constellations, Star systems, Stars, Planets and their Moons are ENERGIES for us known as DemiGods, Angels, Masters, Teachers or Deities whos radiated signals we feel all the time (24/7) and behave depending on them without realizing that!

AGT44 tablet identifies energies the ones trying to get in touch with you The ones are willing to guide you through your life and teach you to communicate with them to be able to tell you things you need to know or warn you about dangers or things you need to execute to achieve success!

Use AGT44 to translate words, names or codes to achieve numbers Then add those numbers to achieve number (symbol) of the Energy! It looks like that:

Name: G.O.D = 1.1.1=1+1+1=3

Word: L.O.V.E =

Code: A.G.T.3.8 = A+G+T+3+8=22

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