(Un)official Trigedasleng Translator

It may be unofficial, but it's accurate

Unofficial translator for trigedasleng. I update frequently, and I try to give the most accurate translations possible.
Note: The words ste and laik mean the same thing(is, am, are). But ste is used when describing something or someone(Ex. I am strong-Ai ste yuj), and laik is used with nouns(Ex. I am the commander-Ai laik Heda)
Also, if you want to show emphasis, add "You" to the end of the translation(Ex. This is a trading post-Dison laik kofgeda, you). The sentence will work without the word at the end, but it's used to emphasize it. And the word "sou" is also used for emphasis(You are them-Yu sou laik emo)
One more thing. Oso and osir both mean we, us, and our. But there is a difference. Oso includes the listener(Ex. Clarke, we need to leave-Klark, oso gafen gon we), while osir excludes the listener(Ex. We need your help-Osir gaf yu in sis au).
(You can put Trig in if you want, but you won't get the translations you want in English because of the ordering in the translation. Some English words can translate into the same word in Trigedasleng)

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