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This is kind of new, and a work in progress, so please don't expect much to be inputted

Æorcia is the ancient language of the native Adrynians, and is one of the 2 proto-languages that merged together to create Ancient Eyrrn. Originally Æorcia was the language of the Adrynians and Asleyxin was the language of the Asleyxins, but as history progressed, the Asleyxin language gradually adopted more Æorcia words, and so, when the Adrynians became independent the language was renamed by the Adrynian government to "Eyrradeim", which translates to "free tongue", but it was quickly shortened to "Eyrrn" within a decade.


a = [a] or [ɐ]; á = [æ]; â = [ʌ]; ä = [ɑː]; e = usually [e], but sometimes [ɛ]; é = [ei];

i = [i]; o = [ɔ] or [o]; ó = [ɔ]; ô = [ɒ]; õ = [ou] or [oʊ]; u = [u] or [ʊ]; ú = [ʊ]; û = [ʌ];

ü = [ʉː]; y (when beginning and ending a word or name) = [i];

y (when within a word or name) = [ai].

æ = [ai]; œ = [ɔi]; ie = [i:]; ei = [ei] or [ɛi]; ea = [eə:] or [ɛəː]; ø = [ø]; oo = [ʉ].

m = [n]; mh = [ɱ]; n = [ɲ]; v = [w]; w = [w]; lh, l = [l]; rh = [ɹ]; r = [ɾ]; k = [q]; g = [g];

č = [k]; s = [s] (at the start or end of a word); x = [s]; xh = [ ʐ ]; z = [z]; d = [ ɖ ]; t = [t].

ch = [ʧ]; kh [k]; ng = [ŋ]; th = [θ]; ci = [ʂ]; bh = [f]; sí = [ʃ]; wh = [ʍ];

dh = [ʤ] (unless at the end of words, then it makes a [d] sound).

Now this is the only rare one apart from [h]: hũ = [ɦʲʊ:].

'k's and 'g's are often interchangeable unless an h follows immediately after a k (as in 'kh').

Words and names never begin with an [ŋ] sound, and the [ð] sound does not exist in this language, nor does the [v] sound exist.

Sometimes when y ends a word or name, the [i] vowel is slightly elongated and pronounced as [i:]. There are never more than one 'y' in a row as a part of a word or name, and y is never a consonant.

Æorcia has no indefinite articles.

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