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Здравствуйте! Этот веб-сайт дает вам возможность конвертировать обычный текст в классные шрифты. Вы можете использовать шрифты в своей биографии Инстаграм. Просто напишите текст в первом поле, и причудливые символы будут отображаться во втором поле. Вы можете копировать и вставлять шрифты в Инстаграм.

Okay, so hopefully that made a bit of sense. If you can read English, then sorry about my lack of Russian skills. I used Google Translate to produce the text above, and so I imagine that it doesn't quite sound right. I hope I can assume that most people coming to this page can read English, because the fonts here tend to work only on latin characters, and not Russian characters (though some of the fonts do work with Russian characters).
Hopefully you got the gist: This page simply lets you create all sorts of fancy fonts that you can use in your Instagram bio. It works by converting all the letters to various "stylish" or "fancy" alphabets using special characters from the Unicode standard. I.e. characters other than the usual ones in the Latin alphabet.
Unicode began in the early 1980s as an international organisation which governs the rules about how binary data should be converted into textual characters. It's handy to have a "universal" set of rules, so that all the different programs out there in the world are essetially speaking the same language. That "language" is UTF-8, which stands for "Unicode Transformation Format - 8 bit". Most software these days "speaks" in UTF-8 when dealing with text data - it's the most popular text encoding format in the world, and is backwards compatible with ASCII (which was a precursor to Unicode).
Unicode is responsible for the creation and standardisation of emojis too! You'll notice that several of the Instagram fonts produced by this generator include emojis in them :)

Надеюсь, вам понравятся эти красивые шрифты для Инстаграм!
шрифты для инстаграм
шрифты для инсты!
шрифт для инсты

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